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Levitra is a medicine that contributes to the improvement of erectile function. Indications for use Levitra It is used to eliminate impotence (the drug is a regulator of potency) – with its presence, a man is not able to achieve the required level of erection for a successful sexual act, and also to preserve it.

A certain number of men faces such a huge health problem that is called “erectile dysfunction”. That’s not only about men’s health, but also about their psychological aftermath of the issue. Especially, if you are 40 and not in great demand among women.

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How to understand you are sick? How to recognize the disease and its symptoms?

According to statistics, every third man faces similar episodes.
But you should say about the existence of a serious problem is only if the violation of erection is observed in more than 25% of sexual acts. The erectile dysfunction indicates a decrease of overall health, but does not affect the inability to ejaculate or to conceive. Accordingly, in more than 90% of cases, this problem can be eliminated if you contact the doctor in time and start treatment.

So, what is the reason of impotence? There is a lot!
1) Stop smoking and drinking! Yes, dear men, you should drink and smoke less!

Refusal to smoke and drink. Smoking has a detrimental effect on blood vessels, and it does not matter if you smoke a cigarette or a pipe. A lot has been said about the harm of alcohol. However, a glass of good red wine does not hurt, on the contrary, experts have already proved that in moderation red wine has a beneficial impact on the body. Nevertheless, the key word here is “moderation”. In addition, this means that one glass will have to be limited.
Alcohol is a kind of a depressant. It reduces sexual desire and as a consequence the erectile function. Alcohol abuse leads to long-term erectile dysfunction. Think about it!

2) Condoms.

Condoms can be the cause of lacking an erection. In general, bad choice of a brand or even a size can lead to problems. For this reason, you should determine use condoms of an APPROPRIATE SIZE AND an PROPER BRAND. That would be more rational and help avoid the problems. By the way, always use condoms – many infections also lead to problems with erection.

3) Stress.

No stress. Avoiding them is almost impossible, but you can learn to react to everyday troubles more easily. Psychotherapy, yoga and meditation classes will help you. Additionally, the rejection of such stimulants as coffee and energy will help you to reduce nervousness, especially in the second half of the day, as well as an established regime. Sometimes a weak erection is the result of combining psychological problems with physiological ones, but such a situation is a rarity. This mixed type accounts for only 5% of all cases.

4) Feelings.

Your brain manages all the processes related to sex. In keeping with that topic, if really want to have sex with a girl really like, stress is going to ruin it. In addition, it is a sort of emotional distress. If you don’t like your partner or have suspicion of infidelity, it’s bad, because it can be not too good for an erection. Be outright!

5) Sleep.

Constant sleep deprivation- a common problem that affects not only the potency, but also leads to chronic fatigue, metabolic disorders, depression, heart disease and neuroses.

6) Healthy food.

Excess of weight is an extra burden on the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, overweight people suffer from a weak erection more often than slender ones. Incorporate in the diet foods rich in zinc and vitamin E, they are necessary for the normal operation of the reproductive system.

7) Care for health.

Do not neglect regular visits to an urologist, even if there are no problems. Attend it at least once a year, do not forget to get testes, dress for the weather.

8) Listen to your health every day you live.

If you notice the following symptoms, it’s time you to take measures:
– decreased sexual drive;
– lack of orgasm;
– erectile dysfunction;
– instability of ejaculation.

Sometimes young and ripe men think “it’s good”, “it’s a one-time thing and there’s no need to worry”. If they knew that they were delusional. Everyone must know it is better to prevent serious consequences than to treat. Many young men don’t take this issue seriously. They suppose they are too young to have such health problems, but when it happens, they panic straight away. Any man even at the of 25 can have impotence. As a rule, “erectile dysfunction” due to psychological impact, which, as usual, begins all of a sudden. The cause of the problem may be some stress, nervous overwork, emotional mismatch between partners, tiredness, no mood.
Maybe, it is OK, if you wife puts up with it, as you go along. But if you’re not married, still full of energy, but have a slight wrinkle with health?

What to do then?

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