A Look into Health and Safety at the Work Setting

You may think that health and safety in the work setting is an obvious thing. It entails an employer ensuring that there is the right working environment for the employees. Also, the workforce has the obligation of following the safety precautions and ensuring they are mindful of their workplace actions.

Health and safety compliance is a requirement for every organization, regardless of their size in operations. There are significant risks that lie ahead for both the employer and employee whenever there are hazards in the work environment. Studies show that millions of workers die globally due to illnesses or injuries from the work setting. Read on to get more insights on the risks and how to mitigate them;

Common challenges are the workplace

  • Fire; there is always a risk of fire at the workplace, and it is critical to have fire extinguishing devices strategically. Ensure the employees understand what they need to do in case there is a fire outbreak.
  • Falling; factors such as wet surfaces, exposed wires, and improper equipment storage can lead to accidents by falling. Report to the management of there is hazardous items across the workplace.
  • Handling bulky items; manufacturing or companies dealing in wholesale products need to set guidelines on handling bulky goods.
  • Equipment; workers need to take precautions when handling mechanical machines at the workplace. On the other hand, the management needs to train an employee on using the devices and have warning signs where necessary.
  • Lighting; without adequate lighting to all workplace areas, it can be risky when moving about the regions. If the sunlight does not illuminate the spaces effectively, the management needs to install lights to make the place more visible. Ensure the technicians install the lighting system properly to minimize the risks of accidents from electrical faults.
  • Ventilation; in the working areas, there needs to have efficient air circulation. Modern commercial buildings use an automated HVAC system to improve the atmosphere across all seasons of the year.
  • Space; the dimensions of offices or warehouses need to be enough for their activities. It should not be congested when every person is in the room as it could pose health risks, especially during the period f the global COVID19 pandemic. The spaces should be adaptable to people with mobility problems to accommodate workers who use wheelchairs.

Ways to Mitigate the Risks

  • Study the surroundings; it is beneficial always to be aware of your surroundings. Be observant of the happening around you and be mindful of the risks at hand, if there are any.
  • Follow the safety policies; every company has a handbook on health and safety at the workplace. It sets the guidelines for using equipment and procedures to follow if there is an accident.
  • Avoid stress at work; it is difficult to concentrate or focus on tasks if you are experiencing stress at the workplace. Ensure to take time for recreational activities during free time.
  • Alert the management of impending danger; whenever you identify hazardous environments at the workplace, you need to alert those in charge.
  • Wear protective gear; always put on the recommended kit for health and safety while working.

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