Belviq lawsuit: All information on weight loss medicine

People suffering from the problem of obesity are increasing and this is the reason why more supplements and medicines have been introduced in the market. However, you cannot rely on every medicine which claims to be a weight-loss drug.

This post is about one such weight loss drug named, Belviq. This medicine is only given to people who are suffering from the problem of obesity. Moreover, the FDA had approved this medicine previously and so it was prescribed by Doctors to those who are overweight. However, many people started facing several side effects from this medicine, out of which cancer was also reported.

Because of this reason, the Belviq lawsuit also came into existence. This lawsuit was for those people who have taken the medicine after the prescription of doctor but they were diagnosed with cancer.

Though this medicine was introduced as a drug that assists you in weight loss, several medical advisors recommend you to skip this drug.

Slim results:

Patients who have taken this drug regularly for years have expected weight loss to some extent only. Moreover, researches have suggested that you can gain the weight back so belviq cannot be trusted as a weight loss supplement.

It has been found out in a trial that a patient took this medicine for one year and lose around 5% of his body weight. But after sometime, the patient gained back almost 25% of his body weight.

Risks involved:

This is not only the reason why the FDA has asked the manufacturer of this medicine to stop manufacturing it. this drug is known to cause many side effects to the patients who have consumed it for a long time. Some of the major side effects include dizziness, dry mouth, body fatigue, and constipation.

Moreover, people suffering from diabetes can also face the problem of back pain and hypoglycemia. If you take this medicine in more than the prescribed amount, you can face problems like painful erection, hallucination, and even mental disorder.

It has been also researched that Belviq can show an adverse effect if taken with other medications. Therefore, you are not advised to continue taking this medicine.

Because of all these side effects, this drug was also rejected by the European medicines agency.

Why Belviq Lawsuit?

As most of the people are familiar with the side effects this drug can cause, only a few of them know that you can hire a lawyer in case you face serious side effects. If you were prescribed to take this medicine as a weight-loss treatment and you are diagnosed with cancer, you can take the help of a personal injury lawyer who will help you get compensated for all your losses.

Only an experienced personal injury lawyer can understand your situation. He will provide you complete assistance throughout the case. As this type of cases are hard to win because powerful people are involved. Also, you have to deal with the insurance companies to get a claim, hiring lawyer becomes important.

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