Meditation – The significance of Meditation Clothing

What is an essential criteria when purchasing clothes? Sure style and cost matter, however for most parts it’s comfort. Clothing is reflective in our personality we put on different clothes for various activities. Meditation isn’t any different.

The keyword while practicing any kind of meditation is comfort whether it is posture, place or clothing. Why clothing? Mainly because during meditation it is essential that your body be totally relaxed. Are you able to imagine practicing meditation in a set of jeans? Simple enough, although not too comfortable either.

Meditation clothing is quite different within their style because they as designed after considering the quality of comfort and relaxation that’s favorable to some effective meditation session. Early practitioners of meditation understood the significance of putting on clothes that will not hamper using the meditation process. That’s the reason why the Tibetan and Buddhist priests used loose fitting robes. Putting on meditation clothes especially created for meditation improves the experience.

There are various kinds of meditation clothing based on what kind or type of meditation you practice. This is a listing of a few of the more prevalent meditation clothes:

Yoga Meditation Clothing

The yoga clothes are of the soft fabric that is white-colored colored getting a lengthy sleeved loose top along with a loose pant. This really is to optimize enhanced comfort level while practicing yoga.

Nevertheless the modern yoga practitioners make use of a clothing style that is body hugging as it doesn’t hamper while performing a few of the more acrobatic asana.

Zen Meditation Clothing

Zen robes acknowledge the dedication to living a existence in the existence of the Dharma (Buddhist teachings), the teacher (Buddha) and also the Sangha (spiritual community). Normally the robe consists of the Jubon, a kind of shirt and works as a layered undergarment that is worn within Koromo (Lay Zen robe) or sitting jacket, and also the Hakama, that is a full-length Japanese Zen sitting skirt worn by women or men. The skirt is double pleated front and back that enables ample room for mix-legged sitting or kneeling.

Tibetan and Nepalese Meditation Clothing

This meditation clothes are usually worn having a Chuba, which is sort of a lengthy skirt usually made from silk, along with a Tibetan meditation shirt, which could be either lengthy sleeved or sleeveless making of silk and rayon, it is sometimes worn within Zen Tibetan meditation scarf.

Other meditation clothes which are generally employed for meditation would be the following:


They are extended shirts which are generally employed for simple meditations. Indian kurtas are big knee length lengthy sleeved shirts which are loose and comfy to put on when meditating.

Samu Jacket

They are worn by individuals who practice Zazen, frequently worn with jubon underneath.


This meditation clothes are usually worn within kimono to provide a far more polished look and also to prevent frequent kimono washing.


This can be a traditional monk’s robe with seven pleats. It’s worn more than a kimono and jubon.

There are lots of other designs and styles of meditation clothing for a number of meditation practices. Nevertheless the one common factor one of the variations of meditation clothes may be the functionality and luxury they offer while meditating.

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