The Difference Between Sativa & Indica CBD Oils

When you look at CBD oil available on the market, you may notice two different types, with Sativa and Indica being the two most common forms. There are distinct differences in the plants that the CBD oil comes from, although they all have similar properties. If you are considering procuring CBD oil for a condition you have and want to know the differences between them, below is some information you may find useful to help you decide whether to buy Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid CBD oil.

Sativa & Indica Compared

The Sativa and Indica strains of the cannabis plant are similar, but also have some distinct differences when you compare them. When extracting the oil from the cannabis plants the leaves and flowers have the most amount of oil, and both strains have CBD, but the Sativa strain has much less THC, which is the chemical which gives a user a high when smoked. The Sativa plant has narrow leaves and is a tall plant, with long flowering cycles, whereas the Indica plant is shorter in stature with broad leaves and a shorter flowering cycle. Although you do not get a high when using CBD oils, if you were to smoke them, the Sativa strain has an uplifting high affecting the brain’s cerebral centre, and the Indica strain has a much more chill effect.

Which CBD Oils Is Best?

When you compare the different cannabis strains for recreational drug use, the differences between them can significantly affect the user. However, whether you buy CBD Sativa oil or Indica oil, there is little THC in them, so the differences are not apparent. When creating the CBD oil, the differences between the different plant strains are almost irrelevant. It is only a specific compound extracted from the plants, so either one or a hybrid of the two will positively affect the person taking it. You get all the benefits of the cannabis plant, of which there are many, and without the side effects giving you the sensation of being high, meaning it will not affect your everyday life.

Can CBD Oil Help You?

There are many documented benefits of CBD oil that you can use to treat various conditions. Whether it is going to be a suitable option for you will depend on your medical condition, and it is advisable to speak to your doctor before deciding to use it. Depending on what you suffer from, CBD oil may give you the relief you have been searching for and allow you to get on with your life and manage your condition effectively.

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