What Are The Best Breast Cancer Mobile Apps?

The right information is one of the most stabilizing elements that can be done when you receive a breast cancer diagnosis. Your doctor is an excellent place to find the right information. However, another source where you can find the answers to your questions is from a breast cancer mobile app.

The right mobile cancer app can offer you, the patient, along with your loved ones, access to an incredibly supportive communication device that understands and can help you navigate through this change in your life.

We have chosen some of the best breast cancer mobile apps that are incredibly effective. Our hope in sharing these with you is to provide you with a possible source that can help you navigate through your own journey of treatment.

BELONG Beating Cancer Together

This is a free app that’s available on iOS and Android devices. The information included in the app helps you access some of the most effective care without occurring any costs in the process.

You are granted direct communication with experts, researchers, as well as other professionals. These individuals hold the expertise to give you speedy and accurate responses to any questions you may have. One of the most fascinating features of the app is clinical trial matching. Clinical trials have never been easier with Belong Life. Finding a trial could be exhausting, especially for most people who don’t understand the lingo. The Belong. Life AI and the team is doing the matching for you and for free.

Moreover, you also have the ability to save all of your records and share these with your doctor or loved ones when need be. You are also granted access to scroll through and sign up for clinical trials.

Cancer Therapy Advisor

The Cancer Therapy Advisor app is designed for oncology professionals. The information within the Cancer Therapy Advisor mobile app offers the latest in oncology trends and news, full-length features, regimens around cancer treatment, drug information, case studies, and slideshows. All of this information covers a variety of different cancer types, including breast cancer. The app provides doctors with the ability to be better informed for their patients.

Breast Cancer Healthline

The Breast Cancer mobile app that’s engineered by Healthline was explicitly designed to inform users that they aren’t alone on their journey. The mobile app is not only for those who are newly diagnosed, but it’s also for those who are actively in treatment, as well as patients who are in remission.

The mobile app is designed for the user to find support, along with camaraderie. These features can be found in the app’s designated area where group discussions and one-on-one chats can be conducted. In a sense, the app can be seen as a form of support group due to this feature.

The mobile app is known as the place where you can find and share information and advice, access any current research or news that’s been released, and connect with people that are going through a similar experience as you.

Having access to people that can relate to you helps you feel less alone in a very isolating situation. Feeling less alone helps the patient better their overall well-being and aids in the patient receiving a better quality of life.

Moreover, having access to such technology reduces the amount of anxiety and stress that the patient feels. This is incredibly important as stress can have a negative impact on the patient’s journey.

Get the information you need to help make an informed decision about your personal health. Look for a breast surgeon to learn more about the various types of screening services.

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