What Are The Side Effects Of Using Paragard?

The Paragard IUD has been held responsible for numerous kinds of complications. Women have reported that using the birth control device has put them in the path of various health hazards. Many have reported that it has fractured or broken during its removal, which has led to multiple injuries and complications.

As a result of this, one can need additional surgery, which is quite often extensive and painful. Know that, in some cases, a hysterectomy even had to be done. Due to this, families all across the nation have started filing lawsuits against Paragard. But before going into the lawsuits, it’s important to understand what Paragard caused:

Side Effects Of Paragard

Some of the less severe and common side-effects of this drug are the adjustment time. But it’s easy to adjust to it, and the side-effects are said to wear off soon after a couple of months. Some of the common side-effects are longer periods, spotting in-between periods, vaginal discharge, expulsion, infections, allergic reactions, and more.

Note that there are multiple severe effects which do require immediate medical attention. Such examples include difficulty while removing the IUD and uterus getting perforated.

What Is The Cause Of The Above Dangers?

The issues caused by Paragard can be a result of the reaction of the device in the body. But more often than not, it can cause issues during removal as well. Lastly, the device in itself can be faulty, and that can pose risks.

What Do The Lawsuits Against Paragard State?

Many affected parties are hiring Paragard injury lawyers and filing lawsuits against Teva Pharmaceuticals US. The main complaint in these lawsuits is that the manufacturers failed to inform about the device’s potential destructive ability.

These lawsuits allege that the makers didn’t warn that the device can get fractured or broken during the process. Due to these failures, the victims can get financial compensation for their medical bills, injuries, physical and mental pain, and lost wages.

Who Qualifies For A Lawsuit?

The qualification criteria for filing a lawsuit is simple. If you developed complications and symptoms due to Paragard IUD implantation, you could file a lawsuit. The complications and symptoms for this can include ectopic pregnancy and PID or pelvic inflammatory disease as well.

To file a lawsuit, you should know about the civil-litigation process and then hire an injury lawyer as your representative. Once you have hired a lawyer, you will know about the term for filing a lawsuit. The window for this is generally very small, so it’s advised that you take action soon.

Overall, Paragard has caused multiple life-threatening issues in women. From perforated uteruses to ectopic pregnancies, Paragard’s lack of transparency has harmed many. Not to mention that the device breaking during removal has caused more financial and medical damage. So it’s advised that women affected and harmed by the IUD take the necessary action and seek compensation for it as they are rightfully entitled to it.

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