Your Own Personal World of Indoor Cycling

Riding an exercise bike at home is one of the easiest ways to get fit. There is no need to rush to the roads early in the morning ahead of all the other bikers, no worries about the pollution outside, just a comfortable hour over the bike and you’re done for the day. This is why the trend with this form of cycling is kicking on. Or should we say, pedalling on?!

Indoor cycling is by far the best invention in terms of exercise. Now, here’s a question for you. Can you make cycling indoors even better? And the answer is, with Vingo, you can.

Specialised App for Indoor Fitness

Vingo is an app specifically designed for indoor exercises. It makes your exercise time more interesting and you keep coming back to it once you start. Let’s look at the cool features of the app and explore how it can make your work-out time more worthwhile.

Vingo is an immersive fitness app experience that lets you explore different worlds while you’re on your bike. It is more like an online cycling app, where you can decide your own adventure. With detailed maps and locations, you can select your favourite routes, complete with different difficulty levels, to make your work-out more challenging. An added advantage with the locations is that the app is filled with exciting facts about the locations in real time. This means you can learn about the spots where you choose to ride.

Best Features of the Fitness App

As you set your fitness goals with the app, Vingo curates your personal preferences and designs a schedule just for you. Follow up this schedule to easily accomplish your fitness goals.

An interesting feature about the app is the avatars. You can create your own personal avatar by uploading your selfie in the app. This avatar is what is going to represent you in the virtual space. Your avatar is what is going to be seen by your fellow Vingo-ers as you select and enter a location. You can add new outfits that match you, work-out gear, and more to your avatar too.

With the voice chat feature in the app, you can interact with your fellow cyclists in the location and get to team up with them. You can encourage each other to accomplish your goals. Even more, you can join communities with them on the app. These communities are based on locations, interests, type of equipment and so on. Vingo is more than an indoor cycling App in this sense, it is a social network.

You can make your cycling session more interesting by inviting your friends and family to join you. This way all of you can provide the urgent care and be there for each other. You can get fit and go on an adventure at the same time, all the while you’re all cycling at your home.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Vingo and cycle into the virtual world of fitness now.

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