Facts about Microaire Cannulas as Medical Equipment

Technological advancements have developed Microaire cannulas to meet top-notch standards, including superior, reusable cannulas fabricated from the highest-quality materials, using tight tolerances to minimize vibration. Now available in whole sizes and patterns to meet all liposuction needs, such as fat harvesting, body contouring, and fat extraction.

Types of Microaire Cannulas

Numerous cannulas have been developed for various uses and tailored for specific needs and uses. The following are some of the top cannulas for fat harvesting, extraction, and body contouring.

Basket Cannulas

These cannulas feature three openings with flared ribs and are made from autoclavable or reusable technology. High-quality materials and sturdy artistry are displayed to produce this Microaire cannula for compelling results.

Furthermore, in addition to originating in the United States, basket cannulas are Cannula tubing connectors designed for a non-slip fit for aspiration and infiltration. The equipment does not hesitate to offer a full line of sizes and patterns as its primary design.

The equipment comes in a wide selection of curves and diameters, including straight and angled, with varied diameter measurements, such as 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm.

Double Mercedes Cannulas

The equipment features six (stacked) openings in a circumferential pattern near the distal tip of the shaft as the edging feature. A large handle is its connection type. Other features stay true to other Microaire Cannulas, adorning highly sought-after materials crafted with next-level expertise and sturdy materials for efficiency and durability.

The equipment boasts American origin and is made from reusable technology with Cannulas diameters of 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm. The cannula length measures 26mm, 32mm, and 36mm.

Furthermore, the Cannula tubing connector is tailored for a non-slip fit for aspiration and infiltration.

Mirrored Accelerator Cannulas

In addition to boasting American origin with sturdy finishing, mirrored accelerator cannulas feature five openings in a mirrored triangle pattern. This is the only significant feature setting it apart from other Microaire Cannulas.

Apart from the Cannulas diameter, which measures 26mm and 32mm, other features are constant and similar to other Microaire Cannulas.

The same technology used to craft other Microaire Cannulas equipment is used on mirrored accelerator cannulas.

Spatula Cannula

The spatula Cannula is designed from sturdy materials and boasts top-notch craftsmanship. The tip is named because of its flattened profile and is used for submental liposuction.

The equipment further boasts American origin with sturdy materials for durability and efficacy. Other features include a large handle, syringe hub, and luer lock. Aside from featuring a full line of sizes and patterns, the spatula cannula showcases a tubing connector designed for a non-slip fit for aspiration and infiltration.

Return Policy for Microaire Cannulas

For any return to be accepted and/or credited, all returning items must be authorized by a Black & Black sales or customer service representative, who will advise you of the proper mode of transportation for the shipment. The return authorization will be valid for 30 days from the issue date.

Furthermore, the customer is responsible for return shipping, insurance, and handling. Credits will be issued once the product is received in acceptable condition.

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