3 Rare And Aggressive Forms Of Cancer

Cancer is the second cause of death worldwide. This is after heart diseases. In the recent past, the number of cancer patients has increased. This has been attributed to change in lifestyle and repeated exposure to toxins. Cancer comes in different forms. There are rare but aggressive forms of cancer that you should know, as discussed below.

Acute Leukemia

Acute leukemia is considered the cancer of the blood cells. As much as it is rare, its symptoms appear faster once you get it. Once the symptoms start to appear, effective testing should be done and treatment provided in the shortest time possible to mitigate the effects of the disease. This type of cancer is aggressive and can develop in people of every age.

The risk factor is on children, young adults, and seniors over 75 years. The risk of developing acute leukemia is highest in men. There are no known causes of cancer which makes it fatal once you develop it. Use of steroids, chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, and immunotherapy are some known treatments you can consider.


Mesothelioma is a rare but aggressive type of cancer, with the only known cause being extreme exposure to asbestos. When you inhale or ingest asbestos dust or fibers, they settle on the linings of the lungs, making them swell and later become malignant. This is also experienced on the soft linings of the abdomen and heart. It is essential to seek consultation with a cancer specialist to learn more about mesothelioma and its effects.

Unlike other forms of cancer, diagnosis of mesothelioma is made after decades of exposure. By this time, cancer might have spread further, making it difficult to be treated or managed. Shortness of breath and chest pains is the associated symptoms. Due to its high mortality rate, patients usually have up to a year to live after diagnosis. However, with treatment and other medical approaches such as chemotherapy and surgery, the prognosis can be improved.

There is some closure for the victims with mesothelioma as they can file for mesothelioma settlement claim or asbestos trust fund claim against the responsible company. You should consider working with a mesothelioma lawyer in your case for positive outcomes.

Thyroid Cancer

The number of people being diagnosed with thyroid cancer is increasing each year. Thyroid cancer affects the small gland in front of your neck just below the larynx. It is rare but aggressive as it is malignant. The risk factor is women and older people. The symptoms of thyroid cancer develop slowly but usually start as a painful lump in the neck. This lump, however, becomes malignant and gets bigger with time. The cause of thyroid cancer is still unknown, making it dangerous as mitigation measures cannot be taken on time.

Blood tests to check your thyroid function, biopsy, and ultrasound of your neck are some effective ways of diagnosing thyroid cancer. Surgery, radioactive iodine, chemotherapy, and targeted therapies are some ways of treating and managing this type of cancer.

The prospect of cancer is always frightening to people. However, knowing the types and forms of cancer makes it possible to keep safe. The above-discussed rare forms of cancer are among the many you should know. Talking to a cancer specialist helps you know more about cancer.

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