A Guide To Cannabis Wax:  The Popular Option In Concentrates!

Concentrates has taken the cannabis community by storm. If you want to experience cannabis at its best, concentrates are your best choice. A word of caution here – concentrates are not for everyone. Mostly, seasoned weed users, or people who do not enjoying smoking dried flowers, enjoy concentrates, primarily because of potency and high THC content. There are varied kinds of concentrates you can find – cannabis wax, shatter, budder, crumble, live resin, and hash. Here’s more on cannabis wax and concentrates.

Who should consider concentrates?

Concentrates have a very high concentration of THC, at least most of them, and these are best suited for people who wish to experience terpenes, head high and flavor. It goes without saying that a little of concentrates is more than enough. If you compare it with dried buds, you will realize that concentrates can contain even 95% THC, while flowers have 30-35% THC on an average. There is also something called THC crystal, which doesn’t contain the terpenes but such offers that high that THC is known for.

How is cannabis wax made? How to consume it?

Cannabis wax is made using a special kind of solvent. Basically, the flavors of cannabis get absorbed in the solvent, which is then processed to get rid of the solvent. What you are left behind with is nothing but plant matter and a high concentration of cannabinoids. The cooled mixture is called cannabis wax. Wax can be consumed sublingually or through dabbing. You can consider using a wax rig for the purpose, which are designed to produce the best experience with wax and must be cleaned regularly to get rid of residue.

Is cannabis wax better than flowers?

Well, every concentrate is unique in its own way. As far as just cannabis wax is concerned, it does work better than flowers, because what you get is a full profile of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Many medical cannabis users desire the terpenes, and for them, wax is a better choice. Besides THC, cannabis wax also contains a good amount of CBD, which has therapeutic benefits. Flowers have the advantage of being cheaper, and if you are new to cannabis in general, avoid starting with concentrates. Concentrates are best suited for seasoned users or those who need terpenes and seek more THC from their weed experience.

Check for the best dispensaries to buy concentrates, because quality matters over everything else.

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