How an Attorney can help you with Child disability benefits? Rogers

Having a physically/mentally disabled child accounts for so many challenges for the family. The child needs special care, special education, medical assistance throughout their life, which can be expensive. Federal assistance is provided to these families in the form of Child disability benefits. If you are in a similar situation, consult Gallo, Cazort & Co. Law Firm on how to go about the whole process, and take up a lawyer who can help you recover the benefits.

Criteria for eligibility

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has set some criteria to be eligible for obtaining child Social Security Income(SSI). Applicants have to meet both medical conditions and age requirements. Some criteria include:

  • Applicants should be below 18 years (age can go upto 22 if the child is still in school).
  • The condition is chronic.
  • Has physical/mental illness that limits child’s activities.
  • The condition has lasted for at least 12 consecutive months or more.
  • The condition could be fatal.

How can an attorney help?

Like every legal procedure, the Child disability application is also a complex procedure with specific rules and regulations that you have to comply with. The application process has multiple documents and criteria to fulfil. At times, specialized testing may also be necessary, which can be overwhelming for a parent already taking care of a disabled child. An experienced lawyer knows how to handle the tasks and get the best out of them in the shortest time possible.

The most common reason that claims are initially denied is that the claimant (or the claimant’s parent) did not provide sufficient evidence to prove the disability. Experienced disability attorneys will review your file carefully to ensure you submit the proper evidence, increasing your chances of obtaining approval for your child without having to appear at a hearing.

Some things your attorney may also do are:

  • Review the case thoroughly and guide the best way to move forward.
  • Educate you on the many benefits in which your child fits in.
  • Take your queries about the program and what to do in case of denial.
  • Ensures your application is correctly submitted with all the requirements.
  • Obtain necessary medical records and documents to support the claim.
  • Represent you at the hearing before the judge.

Benefits of hiring an attorney

It will take a lot of coordination to complete the application. You need to speak to your child’s teachers, doctor, counsellors, and physical therapists. These professionals will provide you with reports and documents, and you have to cross-check that the documents contain the correct kind of information. Hiring an attorney will lessen your burden while you take care of your child.

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